Cecil Murphy

For Alabama
Agricultural Commissioner

That you all for voting in the Primary on June 5th

All of the support was amazing. We appreciate it very much

I have always stepped up to help anyone that I could. I want to use my knowledge, energies, and abilities to help the people in agriculture in Alabama.

Cecil Murphy for Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industry

As Alabama’s next Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, I will provide the leadership necessary for keeping the fair trade of Alabama’s products and for keeping our food safe.

I will emphasize promoting agriculture and industries in rural and small communities in addition to the larger communities. The result of this effort will be an overall increase in products for the state of Alabama, making it possible to promote and export Alabama’s products beyond our borders, nationally and internationally.

Time for Alabama to REAP the benefits:

Research Education And Promote.

R ESEARCH to grow more with less cost, fewer chemicals, and increase profits for farmers.
E DUCATION for students to increase the number of farmers in agriculture and also education for farmers to improve techniques to increase production, decrease harmful effects on environment and food, and increase in profits.
A LABAMA first.
P ROMOTING our products to other states and countries will be important as well as promoting what Alabama has to offer to encourage new industries.


29970 Loper Rd
Loxley AL 36551